Activities in a land of rich nature

Matarranya is a synonym for beauty, and an outstantdingly rich land, due to its past, its rural and mountainous landscapes and to its people and their traditions. Halfway between Aragó, València and Catalonia, it was for many centuries a meeting point for three important cultures: the Muslim, the Jewish and the Christian one. It has 932 square kilometres and a population of around 10.000 inhabitants distributed in 18 villages, where a lot of activities can be found, many directly related to the nature surrounding the region.


Clicking on the icons you’ll find more information about some activities we have chosen for your family in the context of a wild nature and really fabulous and kind people. We hope you enjoy it.

Roques del Masmut


Distance: 7.6 km (round trip)

Gradient: 256 m

Timing: 1 hour and 50 minutes

All the villages in The Matarranya have a special charm and Pena-roja is not an exception. It is raised on a hill, it has steep and narrow streets which follow the orography of the land; its most important monument is the church or Santa Maria. Built in the mid XVIII century it merges the Renaissance and Baroque styles.

History is alive in the stones of the oldest buildings of the village, as the remainders of the castle crowning la Mola (when the Muslims were the lords and masters of these lands), the Town Hall (dated in the XVI century (next to it, the old prison, in perfect condition), or la Llotja, built in the XVI century to do the market and where in the mid last century sinks were place to wash the clothes.

We’ll get out of the village from the high side of the village, and as we’ll begin walking we’ll find out a wild landscape of cliffs where pine, holm oaks and aromatic plants grow. Our road, a forest track in good condition, is a cattle track used by flock of sheeps.

Dry stone walls

At the background of the landscape emerges the image of les Roques del Masmut, our aim. In the precipice on our left there are obvious signs of the lands being used as farmland not many years ago. Dry stone walls, a bit worn out now, were used to distribute the land in terraces and making the best of it.

After two kilometers we’ll arrive to a small leisure zone. A label there tells us many curious and interesting things, specially if we go with children, about carrion birds. When they eliminate the death animals, they are really cleaning the natural environment, it avoids the propagation of illnesses. Did you know that a vulture is able to eat the 20% of its weight and being the next two weeks without eating anything else?

A little bit up we will get to el Mirador de les Roques, a stone platform from where enjoying a spectacular sight. A label gives us a lot of information about this impressing calcareous and rounded rock where vultures and harriers nest.

Berber name

Probably the name of Pena-roja comes from the reddish colour of les Roques del Masmut. The place name “Masmut” seems to refer to the masmuda berber people, who maybe settled here during the Arab occupation. With a maximum height of 1058 meters and vertical walls of more of one hundred meters, for its ecological and landscape interest the Masmut rocks are catalogued as LIC (community interest place)

Green Way

Distance: 33.6 km

Difficulty: medium

Time: 3h 30 min

Road surface: Pavement. 2 viaducts and 4 tunnels.

Descriptions:  this is the western route of all Green Way of Vall de Zafan going between Alcanyís and Tortosa. The village where it begins is Valldeargorfa, in spite of the fact that from Alcanyís there’s is an easily accessible way too. Then it continues by Valljunquera, Valldeltormo, Torre del Comte (where there is a high quality restaurant). The walk is descendant. If we keep cycling to Vall-de-roures we’ll have to get a run-up, because now there is an uphill road. Finally, cycling calmly we’ll find Queretes and the last stop the station of Arnes-Lledó, and this stage of the Green Way will be finished.

The bioschool Mayjal

A way of life ruled by the nature and Univers laws…

The Mayjal family has designed, created and develop in a traditional way a small hideout in el Baix Aragó, were you will find new ways to meet the needs of the daily life.

These methods are easier, natural, cheap, funny and no less effective.

Hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics (symbiosis with fishes) farming, in caves, a different way of taking care of the animals and a general philosophy based on the waste and materials recycling have made possible creating big constructions and technological elements using alternative energy.

Observatori d’aus. Mas de Bunyol


Mas de Bunyol is a vulture observatory built on a typical Catalan countryhouse (masia) inside a trough. The guided tour is done once a day during all year from the observatory; through a stained glass, can be observed at a short distance  the descent of hundreds of vultures waiting for the buitreman to bring the meal.

Mas de Bunyol is located in a reserve of wild vultures; as all wild animals they are are very vulnerable to the human impact, and our priority is respecting and preserving their well-being. This project, achieved with the stubbornness of Loly and José Ramón for 25 years, wouldn’t be possible without some golden rules that must be respected by our visitors.

http:// www.masdebunyol.com

Parc Multiaventura. SALTAPINS.


Saltapins is located in the forest area of el Complex de la Fàbrica Giner. It’s a place for leisure and active entertainment, where the participants must comply with some aerial tests installed at the top of the trees through wires and wooden platforms.

You can access these platforms through a staircase and once you have reached a certain height you’ll see a wooden platform of 2 x 2 meters.

Each tree is connected to another through one or several wires, to which we can be secured from the platform and from where we’ll start our progression to the next platform.

The platform height is between 2 and 17 meters. Adventure tours are a group of activities related to the mountain and nature in general where skills as positive as ability, balance, confidence, resistance, strength are shown. The mail goal is that children, young people and adults participate in a basic level sporting activity always with the maximum safety at the forefront of our minds.