The house is dated in 1689; integrated in the listed and protected architectonic set of Vall-de-Roures, it is located in the second line of the medieval town of the village and as its architecture and design is characteristic of the rural architecture of Terol, with self-construction procedures, climate adjustment and the use of natural materials from the surroundings (stone, wood…) When the house restoration began, there were still traces of the building adaptation to the uses and customs of that age in that rural surrounding.

As an exemple, the ground floor was the farmyard; quite probably, horses, donkeys, roosters and hens occupied that part of the house accessible to the animals at street level. Oil and wine mills supplying the house in the stark winters of el Matarranya can be found at the bottom of this floor. As a way of welcoming you still will be able to find big carved stones surrounded by small river stones. Peculiar architectonic elements have been preserved by the owners to be as loyal as possible to the architectonical essence of the historical artistic set.

The house has been adapted to the modern times without losing its charming essence, and it has all the comforts. The different areas of the house have been created to make the visitor feel at home, to enjoy a comfortable stay in el Matarranya. The house has kitchen, dishwasher, microwave, washingmachine, very comfortable beds, heat, TV, wifi, etc.

The house is divided in four floors and it can be rented entirely or by apartments.


Completely adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, this apartment is on the ground floor, at street level. It has 35 square meters, distributed over a kitchen-dining room, double room and toilet. For 3 people.


It has three different areas: a kitchen integrated in a big dining room with vitroelectric stove, microwave and fridge, a toilet with a washing machine and a big room with a very comfortable bed. It’s on the first floor and it has 80 square meters. For 4 or 5 people.


It is on the second floor of the house. You can get into it through a spectacular stair and it has three different zones: the kitchen integrated in the very big dining room with dishwasher, vitrolectric stove, microwave and fridge, a toilete with a washing machine and a big room. It has 80 square meters. For 4 people.


The visitor will not easily forget the stay in this apartment. It’s under cover and with a view to the quiet village of Vall-de-roures and its surroundings.

It has 100 square meters and it has four areas: kitchen-dining room, two bedrooms (one of them is in the penthouse) and a toilet. It is for 6 people and it’s ideal for families with children.